Research interests

My past and present working fields with PACS code where applicable - and current main focus highlighted.

  • Medical Physics (87)
    • Ion Beam Cancer Therapy (87.55.-x, 87.53.Kn)
      • Radiation Dosimetry (87.53.Bn, 87.55.N-)
        • Luminescent Detectors (78.60.Lc, 78.60.Kn, 78.55.Hx)
        • Track Detectors
      • Interaction mechanisms of high-LET radiation (87.53.Ay)
        • Response Models for radiation detectors
        • Luminescent-detector based tools for Radiobiological Research
      • New Imaging Modalities for Improvement in Treatment Planning (87.55.D.-)
        • Use of dual energy computed tomography for ion beam therapy (87.57.Q-)
        • MRI-based guided ion beam therapy (87.61.-c)
  • Archaeometry
    • Archaelogical and geological dating (91.80.+d, 93.85.Np)
      • Luminescent Detectors (78.60.Lc, 78.60.Kn, 78.55.Hx)